Tsinghua University Global Institute for Sustainable Development Established

  • On May 14th, the “Global Cooperation Summit Forum” was held in Beijing at Tsinghua University. The Global Institute for Sustainable Development of Tsinghua University held its inaugural meeting at Tsinghua University.
  • On May 14th, the “International Cooperation Summit Forum” was held in Beijing
  • on May 14, Tsinghua University, the establishment of the Global Society for Sustainable Development and the ” Sustainable development “academic forum held in Tsinghua University.

It is understood that this is the first sustainable development goals (SDGs) as the core of research, to carry out interdisciplinary, cross-disciplinary, interdisciplinary, interdisciplinary professional research institutions. The establishment of the Institute will respond to the United Nations 2030 sustainable development agenda, strengthen scientific research in the field of sustainable development goals, personnel training and international cooperation and exchange, boosting China’s sustainable development process and contributing Chinese wisdom and experience to global sustainable development.

Jeffrey Sachs read the congratulatory letter from the United Nations Secretary General Guterrez.

For the establishment of the Global Institute for Sustainable Development of Tsinghua University, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Guterres, congratulated in a letter. In his congratulatory letter, he pointed out that the establishment of the Institute once again demonstrates the commitment and aspirations of the Chinese government and people to take action at all levels of society to implement the “2030 Sustainable Development Agenda”. Education and training Research on 17 sustainable goals the young generation and professional talent will be the most important mission of the Sustainable Development Institute. Tsinghua Institute for Sustainable Development, as a member of the United Nations Network of Sustainable Development Action, has established extensive partnerships with United Nations agencies, international organizations and academia, and looks forward to the Sustainable Development Institute’s role as a bridge between China and the rest of the world , To promote China and the world in the field of SDG experience exchange and mutual understanding, and jointly promote the realization of the United Nations 17 goals for sustainable development.

Mr. Wu Hongbo, the United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs and one of the main promoters of the United Nations Global Agenda for Sustainable Development, also sent a congratulatory letter. He highly praised the establishment of the Global Institute for Sustainable Development of Tsinghua University, which is epoch-making and has high hopes for the future of the Institute to promote global development.

He said that Tsinghua’s establishment of the Global Institute for Sustainable Development, a positive response to the United Nations initiative, is a concrete manifestation of Tsinghua University’s global vision and strategy. He argues that to promote the achievement of sustainable development goals, we need to be independent thinkers and need to send our voices to encourage policy makers who will have a huge impact on the lives of millions of people. Second, strive to be a reliable partner for decision makers to help decision makers jump out of established thinking and provide advice to policy makers to guide future strategic plans and implement them.

As a comprehensive strategic partner of Tsinghua University SDGs, the president of the University of Geneva, Yves Fulu Kegel, wrote to the President of Tsinghua University, Mr. Qiu Yong, who in his letter reviewed more than two years in the United Nations to carry out the objectives of the United Nations sustainable development and congratulated the Tsinghua School of Public Administration, which is to be launched this fall, and the PP-SDG dual master’s degree program in collaboration with the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Geneva. He congratulated President Qiu Yong, President Xue Lan and Tsinghua colleagues, and said that the completion of the Global Institute for Sustainable Development of Tsinghua University is an important milestone not only to the cooperation strategy of the two schools, but also to the international community China is committed to achieving a more sustainable future.

On the day of the event, Tsinghua University signed a memorandum of understanding with the Indonesian Ministry of Industry, and the Indonesian President attended and met with President Qiu Yong. Bambang Brodjonegoro, Minister of National Development Planning of Indonesia, congratulated the Institute on its establishment, saying that the Indonesian government has put in action to promote Indonesia’s goal of achieving sustainable development in the United Nations, incorporating SDGs into Indonesia’s national strategic development plan 2015- 2020, he also stressed the need to achieve sustainable development goals, international cooperation is particularly important. Indonesia will further deepen cooperation with Tsinghua University in China to establish a sustainable partnership to jointly promote the implementation and implementation of the United Nations 2030 sustainable development agenda in Indonesia.

Vice President and Dean of Tsinghua University, Yang Bin, Chairman of the Institute for Sustainable Development of Tsinghua University, Senior Advisor to the Secretary-General of the United Nations Secretary General Guterrez, Director of the United Nations Sustainable Development Action Network (SDSN), Director of the Earth Institute of Columbia University, USA Jeffrey Sachs, member of the Standing Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), chairman of the China Women’s Development Foundation, former vice chairman of the All-China Women’s Federation, secretary of the Secretariat Meng Xiaosi, chairman of the Joint Diversity Foundation, former Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia, Mari Elka Pangestu, former ambassador to China Amb Sudrajat, director of the State Council, director of the National Committee on Climate Change, former vice minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology Liu Yanhua, Director General of the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) Irene Khan, Guido Schmidt-Traub, Executive Director of the United Nations Sustainable Operations Network, Patrick Haverman, Deputy Country Director, United Nations Development Program (UNDP) ), Singapore Jia Tong Group Vice Chairman Lin Mei Jin, and Tsinghua University Global Director of the Institute of Sustainable Development, He Kebin, Li Qiang, Zhang Yue, Yang Yongheng, Chen Wei and other international organizations, leaders of relevant ministries and commissions, foreign envoys, Chinese and foreign famous scholars, business and media representatives and Tsinghua University Health and other more than 150 people witnessed the opening ceremony.

At the ceremony, Yang Bin read Tsinghua University’s resolution on the establishment of the Institute and presented the Chairman of the International Academic Committee for Jeffrey Sachs. Yang Bin, Jeffrey Sachs, Liu Yanhua, Meng Xiaosi, Xue Lan, He Kebin, Lin Meijin and Chen Wei unveiled the research institute. Tsinghua University School of Public Administration, Tsinghua University Global Institute for Sustainable Development Xue Lan presided over the establishment of the ceremony. Irene Khan, Guido Schmidt-Traub and Patrick Haverman, respectively. The guests agreed on the recognition and support of SDGs and analyzed the tasks of SDGs related goals from their respective fields. Prospects, introduced the mission and work of their respective institutions, in particular, expressed the welcome and expectations of the establishment of the Institute, hope to further work with Tsinghua University, in order to achieve global sustainable development goals and work together. Before the establishment of the General Assembly, the Institute held the first meeting of the first Council.

Chairman Yang Bin presided over the meeting. The meeting examined and approved the “Tsinghua University Institute for Sustainable Development Constitution”, planning programs and research institutes and other relevant candidates. After the ceremony, also held a “all the way with the global sustainable development” academic forum. Jeffrey Sachs, Liu Yanhua and He Kebin, three leading experts in the field of global sustainable development, were invited to deliver keynote speeches on sustainable development and related topics. The forum was attended by Tsinghua University School of Public Administration, Tsinghua University Global Institute for Sustainable Development Executive Dean Zhu Xufeng presided over.

Background introduction In 2030, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations were developed by the United Nations 193 countries in September 2015 to achieve the sustainable development of the three major economic, social and resource environments in the world by 2030 Aimed at continuing to guide the global development work for the next 15 years after the 2015 Millennium Development Goals are closed. These 17 sustainable development goals are the common vision of mankind and the social contract between the leaders of the world and the people of all countries. They are both a list of actions that benefit mankind and the earth, and a blueprint for success.

The Chinese government is actively responding to the UN initiative and incorporating the sustainable development goals into the “13th Five-Year Plan” of China’s development plan. President Xi Jinping has repeatedly said that China is willing to work with the international community to achieve the goal of achieving sustainable development in 2030 in the major international diplomatic occasions such as the “International Cooperation Summit Forum”. In the context of the implementation of the global strategy of Tsinghua University, in order to further implement the United Nations 2030 sustainable development agenda in China’s implementation and landing, for China and the international community to cultivate more in the cause of sustainable development of comprehensive talent, Tsinghua University shoulder Mission, actively preparing for the establishment of the Institute.

In January 2017, Tsinghua University and the University of Geneva signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the University of Geneva on the United Nations 2030 Sustainability Agenda, with the joint witness of President Xi Jinping and Doris Leuthard of the Swiss Federal President. 26, Tsinghua University Global Institute for Sustainable Development was formally approved the establishment. Introduction to the Institute Tsinghua University, University School of Public Administration, and associated with the relevant departments to carry out teaching and research work. The Institute is committed to deepening multidisciplinary research on the overall framework, policy implementation and specific objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); comprehensively promoting experience and mutual understanding with relevant United Nations agencies and international counterparts in the SDGs field; Strengthen the world experience in the implementation of SDGs exchange and policy learning; efforts to become SDGs research in the field of international academic influence and policy influence of professional research institutions.

At the same time, the Institute will also provide a professional postgraduate degree program and a variety of short-term training programs through a new curriculum system and a flexible training process to develop and deliver comprehensive professionals in the field of SDGs for the international community. In addition, the Institute will work closely with relevant government agencies in China and strive to become the most influential high-end think tank in China’s SDGs research field.