United In Diversity and the SDG Pyramid

UID collaborates with MIT Sloan School, University of Indonesia and Tsinghua University amongst others over the past decade on IDEAS leadership action learning program in bridging these 3 harmonies with a systems and U approach.

UID is also pleased to introduce the SDG Pyramid play cards as a fun way to promote the SDGs and raise awareness for the 17 goals.  The response from the trial runs have been positive in adults and children alike. All proceeds will go to non profits and to support the goals.

Campaigns Around 20 March 2017

Campaigns around 20 Mar: We have an invitation to present the SDG Pyramid at the United Nations around the launch of the World Happiness Report. Concurrently, multiple happiness action campaigns and uploads in collaboration with global networks such as SDSN Youth networks, U Lab, and WEF Young Global Leaders.  Confirmed hubs include Jakarta SDSN Youths Happiness Day with Nia di Nata, Farhan and Putra Nababan, Green School and Bye Bye Plastic Bag sisters and Three Mountains Bali, Singapore Science Center, UN Global Compact Youths Singapore, Columbia University SIPA in New York, Tsinghua School of Public Policy, Tsinghua X-lab, Shanghai Gallery of Art, Three on the Bund Shanghai, Summer Mall Hainan, Unilever,  Baba Museum Penang , Art Science Play Malaysia, Quincy Jones and Frank Gehry from Los Angeles, Christiana Figueres and Paul Polman from London, Kim Samuel from Canada, Eat from Norway.

Beyond 20 March 2017: Viral Movement

Beyond 20 Mar: VIRAL MOVEMENT. We invite people of all age group, faiths and cultures, walks, as well as celebrities, and tri sector leaders from around the world to promote the SDGs by embracing SDG Pyramid and add play cards sessions in their activities, workshops, or campaigns to highlight their respective causes. They then share pictures, videos playing the SDG Pyramid play card or choreograph new ideas and share on social media or sdgpyramid.org website to show a united voice in championing the Goals.

UID will create a UN Day of Happiness event in Bali inviting the winning promoters of SDG Pyramid or Island of Happiness solutions, with the following year-long activities in some regions.

  1. Car Free Day Flashmob and SDG Pyramid Challenge
  2. Happy Play Happy Run with Starbucks
  3. Photography and Videography Challenge
  4. SDG Pyramid Playcard Challenge

UID will be working with global partners to run a year-long global campaign to promote SDGs through SDG Pyramid and SDG Pyramid Play cards.

Strong Ambassadors

Strong Ambassadors: We are securing videos from Quincy Jones, Christiana Figueres, Frank Gehry, Paul Polman as well as teacher/parents and children including celebrated 13 and 10-year old Melati and Isabel Wijsen from Green School Bali who founded Bye Bye Plastics featured in Ted Talk.

Activities In New York On 20 March 2017

1)    20th March Event Launching World Happiness Report

UID has been offered a presentation slot by Jeffrey Sachs, Special Advisor to UN Secretary General to share the SDG Pyramid to Happiness concept at this event.

2)  “United in Diversity to Happiness” Roundtable March 21st 

A high-level discussion to be graced by Peter Thomson, President of UN General Assembly organised by UID for 15-20 thought leaders on why SDGs offer a compelling growth strategy for business and if businesses can afford to ignore the SDGs imperative. Partners for the Roundtable event include SDSN, Business and Sustainable Development Commission (BSDC), and Seneca Women.

About United In Diversity

United in Diversity (UID) believes that through education and sustainable development we can create a better common future.  UID was founded in Bali in 2003.

Launched by the President of Indonesian around Bali APEC in 2013, the future headquarters of UN global initiative SDSN Southeast-Asia will be based in Kura Kura Bali Indonesia. UID co-chairs SDSN Southeast Asia together with Research Centre for Climate Change-University of Indonesia (RCCC-UI).

UID Chairman, Vice Chairman, President, and Vice Presidents are all ladies in support of SDG5. UID is pleased to welcome our new Chairman Tuti Hadiputranto, a leading and respected lawyer and President Mari Pangestu, former Minister of Trade, as well as Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia, also on the leadership council of UN global initiative SDSN. UID is committed to promoting the SDGs and support UN 2030 Agenda. UID has an education platform and acts as a hub to encourage private sector, public sector and civil society engagement to build trust for our common and sustainable future.

Over the past decade, UID collaborates with MIT Sloan School of Management for the IDEAS Leadership Action Learning program with Tsinghua University and University of Indonesia and others to promote innovation and sustainable solutions through the three harmonies aligned with the SDG Pyramid.

Other distinguished education collaborators of UID and Giti group include Columbia University, Harvard University, Chicago University, Yale University, Singapore Management University, Bandung Institute of Technology, Paramadina University, Udayana University, Fudan University and Hong Kong Chinese University (http://www.unitedindiversity.org/uid/).