On 26-27 August 2017, UNDP China hosted a hackathon in Beijing, China in cooperation with ‘iamtheCODE’, to “decode” the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The hackathon convened geeks, do-gooders and innovators with different skill-sets ranging from coding, app-building and data analysis to design solutions to challenges facing achievement of the SDGs.

United in Diversity Foundation supported this hackathon and hope this hackathon could act as a starting point for building capacity for young generation, especially women and girls through technology and innovation, to explore solutions for SDGs in the digital age. Ms LIU Meng, Head of Asia & Oceania, UN Global Compact participated in the event and introduced the SDG Pyramid concept to the audiences. LIU Meng said while the SDG Pyramid is a great example to show the public-private sector collaboration in promoting SDG, it is also an innovative concept to show how the 17 goals are deeply related to our cultural root, traditional philosophy and daily life.

‘iamtheCODE’ is the first African-led global movement to mobilise government, private sector, and investors to advance STEAMED (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, Entrepreneurship, and Design) Education. Its goal is to mobilise governments, investors, civil societies and the private sector to invest in future technologies that can drive sustainable development.

Through supporting initiatives such as the ‘iamtheCODE’, United in Diversity Foundation hopes to mobilize technology to play a crucial role in advancing the SDGs, driving development that realizes greater prosperity and inclusivity through 2030 and beyond.